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Originally posted on Parenting From Scratch:
Wouldn’t it be nice to directly establish social expectations right from the start of a relationship? “Hi my name is Kelly, and I’m an introvert.” This would be my introduction of choice, except that it…

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Originally posted on thekitchensgarden:
No, it is not a toad. Unless of course Mum loves toads or your Toad lives in a Hall.  The best Mother’s Day present is probably not a skinny nosy chicken. Better to have a fat…

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Originally posted on thefauxmartha:
A couple months ago, Oh Nuts! sent me some jordan almonds and said create. I held on to them idealess for many weeks too long. Of course Easter eggs seemed like the obvious answer. Ombre? Everyone’s…

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Introductions Are In Order

As you might have guessed from my title, I am both mom and unschooler. And while there are loads and loads of unschooling moms out there, this story is just about me. It’s not even really about my kids, although they … Continue reading

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