I always love C’s posts, but this one is especially delish, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner I’m sure some of you might need some instruction on the matter 😉


No, it is not a toad. Unless of course Mum loves toads or your Toad lives in a Hall. 

The best Mother’s Day present is probably not a skinny nosy chicken. Better to have a fat one, served with roasted rosemary potatoes and gravy scented with orange zest. 

The best Mother’s day present is not a  poopy barn pigeon either. Or even two of them.  Forget about a pigeon pie too. Too much cleaning up. 

It is not the policeman sheep with her disinterested  offspring on a muddy day.  Though they are kind of cute on any day. 

The Best Mother’s Day present may not be three peacocks in a row waiting to be released. because they have to wait just a little longer.  Though they are a close second I think. 

No, the best present for a mother, because  her five children are all grown and far away and…

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